Friday, 13 March 2015

Amigurumi Crochet Monster Pattern - Monsters with Mohawks

I have a new crochet addiction. I call them Monsters with Mohawks.

This Amigurumi pattern is so much fun! The best bit is giving them their unique facial expressions.

The happy ones are a delight but I can't help have a soft spot for Grump. He is just so miserable. Probably because he's often being squashed. 

Poor Grump. The girl monsters still love him though

If you would like to make your own Monsters with Mohawks check out my online Etsy store I Heart the Hook or you can buy from my Ravelry shop by clicking on the buy now icon above.
The Monsters with Mohawks are worked from the bottom up with legs and arms joined as you go, so there is no sewing or seaming involved. They are the ultimate scrap buster, don’t throw your leftover pieces of yarn, use them to create a funky Mohawk for this cute little monster! The best bit is that each Amigurumi monster uses less than a 100gram skein of dk yarn.
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy making these monsters as much as I do : )

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Amigurumi Snail Crochet Pattern - Swirly the Unbreakable Snail.

Amigurumi Snail Pattern
My three year old son recently took a liking to keeping pet snails. Snails do NOT make the greatest pets! They are icky, sticky and can easily escape. Believe me they can escape fairly quickly if not watched closely. I fortunately found the escapee snail upon our stand up heater. Unfortunately though the snail did not last long as my son accidentally stomped upon it the next day.  After Swirly number 2 was lost in similar tragic circumstances I decided "no more pet snails!" Instead, I made my son, an Amigurumi pet snail. One that can't escape, it doesn't make icky, sticky trails and it is far more robust under the rough, tumble play of a three year old. So here he is,  "Swirly the Unbreakable", an Amigurumi Crochet Pattern.

This is an easy pattern that can be made in a day.
Tip- Use self striping yarn on the shell to create different effects! You can buy this pattern at my Ravelry Store (link on BUY button below) or my Etsy store I heart the hook

Amigurumi Crochet Snail Pattern       

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Love Heart Granny Square - Crochet Pattern

I love a granny square. And I love a love-heart granny square even more! Terrible pun ; ) But really, I do love a granny square. A granny square is the foundation of so many new projects. You can make bags, buntings, clothes, blankets, toys....But one of the best things is that you can use up your scrap yarn too..a scrap buster yay!  I made a bunting from this project by crocheting a long chain that I weaved in and out of the granny squares (photo to come). I've also used the pattern to make heart appliques that I've attached to beanies. So really, this is not just a heart granny square pattern but you get the heart motif/applique pattern as well. I have been enjoying crocheting hearts at the moment so much that I think there definitely may be more love heart designs to come very soon. I hope you enjoy this pattern. It is available at my Ravelry store or Etsy shop I Heart the Hook.

Buy the Pattern at my Ravelry Store

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cute Amigurumi Doll Pattern

Cute Amigurumi Doll

At first you may think this looks like a simple drawstring bag, but look again! You’ll discover it’s not a bag at all but a big beautiful flower and take yet another look, and you’ll find a sweet little Amigurumi doll hiding inside.

You won’t need a lot of yarn to make this Amigurumi doll with the completed product weighing about 85 grams. It also provides a great opportunity to use up scrap yarn to complete the smaller details, like the hair, shoes, and clothes.

You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop, I Heart the Hook Crochet Pattern Store or you can go to my Ravelry store via the BUY ME link below.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Make Your Own Wedding Necklace Choker!

I haven't been online much lately as I have been busy moving (again) and designing. Here is one of my latest patterns that combines my two loves...crochet and jewellery making. One of these days I am going to pull out my beads and will experiment a bit more with beads and crochet. I have lots of lampwork beads to work with and I haven't seen much available online that combines crochet with that is an idea that I want to explore. Meanwhile here is my latest design...the Isis Crochet Collar.

Pattern Available at Ravelry

This necklace/ collar is so simple to make, uses less than 1 skein and you can complete it in just one sitting. Make it in cream or ivory for a beautiful bride or make it in black or gold (or whatever colour!) for a stunning evening wear piece.

This necklace would be adored by a young girl for her special prom night or formal (as we call it here in Australia).

The pattern is designed so that is easily adaptable to various yarns and is custom fit. Keep that in mind it looks best worked in yarns from 4-10ply.
Add beads or embellishments or keep it simple. It looks lovely either way. The options are endless!

This pattern is available for only $2 from my Ravelry the BUY NOW button in the first picture, or you can buy this pattern at my Etsy pattern shop I Heart the Hook

Friday, 2 May 2014

Baby Crochet Cardigans

These crochet baby cardigan jackets are so much fun. They are perfect to experiment with colour combinations and the style suits both little baby boys and girls.  If you can make a granny square then you can make one these jackets! It's basically just created by making two crochet hexagons that are then folded in two to form two halves of the jacket. There are quite a lot of different versions of the pattern on line for free. But here are some links to my favourites:

Free Baby Hexagon Jacket - With ruffles
Hexagon Baby Jacket Free Pattern

I added ribbed cuff sleeves to mine, by alternating between front post and back post double crochet. I also added double crochet edging around the neckline, with increases on the corners of the collar. I finished them off with a lovely handmade button. I can't wait to make more of these for the winter.

 If you'd like to purchase one of my cardigans please see my Made It Shop to see my available designs. They are all made with 100% Pure Australian Wool
Baby Boy Cardigan in Earthy Greens and Blues - SOLD

Vibrant Aqua with Purple - ideal for both little boys and girls

Asymmetrical colours for a little baby girl

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Make your Own Bunny Rabbit - Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

I have a super special Easter sale on for my Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Pattern. It's normally $3 but now you can grab the pattern for only $1!!!

This is an easy pattern and the arms and legs are worked in as you go, so there is very minimal sewing! The only sewing is to attach the ears.

You can find the pattern in my Ravelry store (click the Buy Now button below) or I heart the hook Etsy shop. 

Normal price will resume after the Easter Period